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When a Baby Tooth Is Lost Prematurely

Although baby teeth aren’t permanent, and they are only in place for a few years, baby teeth play an important role in the proper development of muscles, jaw, and permanent adult teeth. When children’s baby teeth are naturally lost, their permanent teeth grow in the place of the lost baby teeth. However, if a baby tooth is lost prematurely, it may prevent the mouth and teeth from proper development. If your child loses a tooth due to injury, it’s important to contact Dr. Jody Cremer for dental emergencies in North Richland Hills, TX for a dental exam as soon as possible. Call NRH Pediatric Dentistry today.

Why Baby Teeth Fall Out Early

Accidents are the most common cause of early tooth loss. For instance, rough play and playing sports often lead to dental emergencies in North Richland Hills, TX due to a tooth being knocked out. If your child has a tooth knocked out there are a number of things to do that may save the tooth:

  • First, comfort your child.
  • Take your child to the dentist as soon as possible; and take the tooth with you.
  • Your dentist will evaluate your child's mouth and decide on an appropriate course of action.

In some situations, your child may not grow all of their baby teeth. Children may also need to have one or more of their baby teeth extracted because of tooth decay. When baby teeth are lost too soon, they don’t grow in or the baby teeth are extracted, it may cause the other teeth to crowd into the empty space, which may result in there not being enough room for the permanent teeth to develop, which can cause eating difficulties and/or crooked teeth.

Your pediatric dentist can help prevent these problems by placing a space maintainer in your child’s mouth until it’s time for their permanent teeth to breakthrough. For dental emergencies, in North Richland Hills, TX, or to schedule a pediatric dental exam for your child, contact Dr. Cremer at 817-427-1700. NRH Pediatric Dentistry is here for you.

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