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Understanding Sealants and Fillings

Would you like to avoid tooth decay in your children? At NRH Pediatric Dentistry in North Richland Hill, TX, Dr. Jody Cremer offers plastic sealants to protect young molars from cavities, and if your youngster does develop decay, he repairs it with lifelike composite resin filings. Learn more about both services here.

Your child's molars

Whether the primary or adult molars, your child's back teeth are important to oral function and smile alignment. As such, your dentist in North Richland Hill offers the latest in preventive dental services, partnering with families in keeping great oral health.

Regrettably, the intricate chewing surfaces on a child's molar make it the perfect breeding ground for destructive bacteria--the reasons why teeth decay. The best of brushing, flossing and even in-office cleanings can't always reach the plaque accumulating in tiny pits and fissures in the tooth enamel. Decay can quickly--and silently--develop.

How plastic sealants can help

In his North Richland Hill office, Dr. Cremer frequently advises sealing young molars with a biocompatible and tooth-colored plastic. Thin and undetectable, a plastic sealant provides a durable barrier between oral bacteria and the acids they give off.

After a hygienic dental cleaning, Dr. Cremer uses a mild etching solution to prepare the chewing surface of the molar. Then, he paints on the sealant, coating the entire top of the tooth. A UV light hardens the material. The process takes about 10 minutes per tooth. The coating lasts up to ten years and may be re-applied to baby or permanent teeth as needed.

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that plastic sealants are extremely helpful. They reduce the incidence of pediatric decay by up to 80 percent.

When your child needs a filling

Sometimes tooth decay happens despite our best at-home and in-office efforts. If your child's dentist discovers a cavity, he'll likely use long-lasting composite resin to repair it. Composite resin is realistically colored plastic and glass, combined to create a filling that matches the natural tooth enamel and to restore the tooth's natural beauty and strength.

This amazing material bonds directly to the remaining healthy tooth enamel. It requires far less enamel reduction than old-style metal fillings, and it lasts at least ten years or even longer with good care.

Also, parents, remember that it's important to restore baby teeth if they decay. These young teeth are so important to your child's oral development and tooth alignment. Plus, they allow him or her to speak and eat properly.

Sealants and fillings from NRH Pediatric Dentistry

They can be key to your child's bright smile. Call our North Richland Hill, TX, office to learn more. Dr. Jody Cremer and his staff will be happy to answer your questions. Phone (817) 427-1700.

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